Guitar & Singing Mastery

Empowering Guitarist-Singers to Master Their Craft through Tailored Coaching and Community Support.

You've Already Begun To Sing & Learn Guitar… 

Now Its Time To Master The Craft, Create Music That Reflects Your Values, And Captivate Audiences.

Advanced Guitar and Singing Proficiency

You seek high-level skills in guitar playing and singing to excel in live or online performances.

Yet, you battle personal barriers such as anxiety, ADHD, and time constraints that hinder the full exploration of your musical talent and the realization of your goals.

Song Writing and Artistic Development

You aspire to create unique, emotionally rich songs that resonate with audiences and establish a strong artistic identity.

But, finding a balance between technical proficiency and emotional expression in your music, often feels disconnected from mainstream offerings that don't align with your desire for depth and authenticity.

Real-World Application and Performance

You require guidance on applying skills in a real-world context, including live performances and digital releases

However, navigating the overwhelming complexities of the music industry, particularly in digital promotion and distribution, can be daunting and disorienting

Bottom Line: You're passionate about evolving as a musician, but finding the right guidance and overcoming your anxieties can be challenging.

Hi, I'm Jon…

I'm a finger-style singer songwriter & Neurodivergent musician!

I can't wait for you to book your no-cost Guitar & Singing Mastery Session so we can start working together...

But first, let me quickly introduce myself and show you how to get the most out of working with me.