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 "Jon is both patient and adventurous with his teaching. My daughter has gone from strength to strength under his tutelage and is blossoming into a fabulous musician. A huge amount of this is down to Jon. Outstanding!"


  • Tips for improving guitar strumming patterns and rhythm 
  • Techniques to develop vocal control and strengthen your singing voice 
  • Songwriting guidance and strategies for creating compelling melodies 
  • Choosing the right chords to accompany your singing or songwriting 
  • Overcoming stage fright and building confidence for live performances 
  • Advice on creating harmonies and blending guitar and vocals effectively 
  • Strategies for practicing effectively and making progress in guitar and singing 
  • Troubleshooting specific challenges or difficulties you're facing with guitar or singing


"Jon is an excellent mentor. He has shown my daughter endless support, enthusiasm and opportunities that go above and beyond. She looks forward to every lesson which he shapes around the individual and their interests. I can’t sing his praises enough!"