What You Get On Our No-Cost 1-to-1 Guitar & Singing Mastery Session

So, you're ready to get started with mastering guitar & singing. 

Let us better understand your aspirations & problems while delivering actionable goals & resources for you to make an informed decision with your music career.

What you get;

  • 30-Minute One-to-One Session: Experience a personalized 30-minute coaching session with Jon Hart. In this focused time, Jon will assess your current skills in guitar and singing, understand your aspirations, and provide tailored guidance to help you make significant strides in your musical journey.
  • eBook Bundle: Gain exclusive access to Jon's specially curated eBook bundle. This includes two insightful eBooks: "Modern Fingerstyle & Singing" and "6 Key Steps to Enhancing Your Guitar & Singing." These resources are packed with tips, techniques, and insights to help you refine your skills and deepen your understanding of music.
  • Session Notes with an Actionable Goal: After your session, you'll receive detailed notes summarizing the key points discussed. More importantly, these notes will include a clear, actionable goal for you to work towards. This goal will be specifically designed to propel your guitar and singing skills forward, ensuring you have a focused path to follow after the session. 

This session is designed to give you a taste of the transformative learning experience with the Guitar & Singing Mastery Coaching Program and set the stage for your musical evolution.

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 "Jon is both patient and adventurous with his teaching. My daughter has gone from strength to strength under his tutelage and is blossoming into a fabulous musician. A huge amount of this is down to Jon. Outstanding!"

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"Jon is an excellent mentor. He has shown my daughter endless support, enthusiasm and opportunities that go above and beyond. She looks forward to every lesson which he shapes around the individual and their interests. I can’t sing his praises enough!"