What is Guitar and Singing Mastery?

Guitar and Singing Mastery is a mentorship that helps you upgrade your guitar playing and singing and move the need in your evergrowing music career

Can I join if I'm great at one instrument but ok AT the other?

Absolutely! The process is designed for experienced guitarist-singers who are of need mentoring for improving their proficiency on both instruments

How will ENHANCING both instruments benefit me?

Enhancing both guitar and singing equally will elevate your musicality, enable you to perform a one-person acoustic sound, and open up new possibilities.

Amplify your guitar playing with the beauty of your singing voice, creating an immersive musical journey that will captivate listeners.


What is the duration of the Guitar and Singing Mastery PROCESS?

The process is bespoke and designed around the student and goals and needs. Book in a free discovery call to discuss what we could achieve this month or year